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Our Story


Climate change is the greatest threat of the 21st century and the foremost is this ubiquitous pollution which continuously and gradually is deteriorating our skin. We can’t stop the climate change but at least the thing we could is protect your skin. P2 SKIN was founded on this belief!

We are travelers, commuters, straphanger just like you. Our humble journey begins with our deep love and respect for the people. Born as an adventurous soul in a small village in India, aware of the beauty and strength of the nature, of its limitless mighty healing wonders. So we as P2 SKIN decided to leverage such wonders of the nature, did all the possible research, conducted the surveys, and taken into account the diversity, various skin concerns, and finally prepared the remedy as in our product. P2 SKIN products are completely safe and suitable for all temperature and weather, for daily skin care routine , free from all harmful chemicals and are for all skin types.

P2 SKIN is committed to the goal of “we care for your skin” and will be continuously striving for making you confident more in your own skin, we would be much happy in addressing all your feedbacks as we strongly believe that the best cosmetic is “ Great looking skin.”

Note: P2 SKIN meets all the international standard mandate and certifications.